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We offer a range of trauma informed, specialist abuse resources for  professionals and businesses.

Discounted rates available for non-profit and abuse sector organisations


7 out of 10 people who work and train with you will have experienced a traumatic event. At least a third of these will be abuse related.

Unhealed trauma can cause issues at work like:

  • Memory loss

  • Low self efficacy

  • Frequent burn out

  • Brain fog

  • Limited productivity

Our programme will empower your managers and team to heal and grow beyond the obstacles caused by past events.

We can help you to create a trauma informed workplace, bring your organisation in line with current legislation, and reduce the tremendous financial cost of abuse in your business.


Our Abuse Disclosure management, Indicative characteristics, Safeguarding & Signpost training will ensure that you are fully equipped to handle any abuse disclosure in a trauma informed, and safeguarding compliant way.

The first point of contact is the most vital because if handled badly the service user will most likely:

  • Disengage

  • Be more at risk

  • Feel unsupported

  • Develop mistrust in services designed to help

With ADIS you can empower them to access specialist support and become or stay safe, in the way they need, while minimising the risk of further harm.


We offer a range of talks and presentations which you can book for your event, business, training, education setting, or service including:

  • Clear Path UK - Holistic approach to abuse sector strategy

  • The missing link - Childhood trauma & domestic abuse

  • The boulder in the road - Obstacles to healing abuse related trauma 

If you have a specific topic you'd like us to cover, please do reach out. We will be happy to tailor a talk to your needs.


Working on the front line of the abuse sector is beyond tough for a variety of reasons including:

  • Daily saturation in harrowing statistics

  • Feeling peoples pain through multiple disclosures and stories

  • Being overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done

  • Guilt for needing a break sometimes

  • Fighting fires on a 24/7 basis

If your organisation relies on front line professionals to make survivors and victims lives more bearable, safer, and abuse free, please consider protecting their wellbeing by booking our workshop.

What our customers think

Book a meeting with our founder Claire to find out more

Events, conferences and, marches and webinars need to cater to all four pillars of need to be truly inclusive and accessible.

Clear Path UK provides Safe Space Zone ™ (2021) for event organisers who are passionate about removing access barriers for everyone.

CPUK Safe Space Zone ™

We offer consultation and training, or we can come along host the space for you and provide everything you need to ensure that your event is 100% accessible, and every attendee gets the most out of their day.

Our services come in two packages

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